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This era described a distant future in which there are machines that make everything possible: Travel in time, flying to the moon, moving heavy tanks, etc. Nothing seems impossible when you have steam engines producing enormous amounts of energy. These eccentric and revolutionary ideas gave birth to a science fiction subgenre known as Steampunk. This New Year’s Eve Temptation Cancun Resort will transport its guests back to the Victorian era without the help of a time machine. Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Special Evening Event Dress Code: STEAMPUNK (See Google for costume ideas.)

Day of the dead (Día de Muertos) is a highly popular tradition, celebrated each Nov. 2nd, where Mexicans honor their loved ones that have passed on, in a rather festive and colorful way.
One of the most famous symbols of Día de Muertos is the Catrina, the skeleton of an elegantly dressed rich woman. Her representation brings a neutralizing force proving that everyone is equal in the end. Join us for this unique event as we call all souls to celebrate.

Special Evening Event Dress Code: MEXICAN CATRINAS & CATRINES (See Google for costume ideas.)

Who said Halloween is only for kids? At Temptation, helmets are the new hot, and spacesuits are the new sexy! Bring your hottest Space Odyssey Halloween costume and prepare yourself for an insanely sexy amount of fun. Whether you prefer to trick or to treat, experience our unconventional twist to this conventional holiday.

Special Evening Event Dress Code: SPACE ODYSSEY COSTUMES

Join us and experience an authentic journey across the different regions of Mexico. With our spectacular vanguard Mexican cuisine, combined with traditional music and festive atmosphere, Temptation will leave you begging for more. This exuberantly decorated, high-energy, lively and colorful evening, perfectly represents our culturally rich country, Mexico.

Special Evening Event Dress Code: MEXICAN WRESTLERS (Don’t forget the mask of your favorite wrestler)

No work & all play makes for the perfect Labor Day! As you say sayonara to summer, it’s best to go out with a bang. Beach, babes and BBQ’s will be the backdrop, as you party hard all day. Our Playmakers have a line-up of non-stop activities & special theme night event that you won’t want to miss!

Special Evening Event Dress Code: SEXY SECRETARIES & CEOs

The 4th of July has never been so hot at Temptation!  Join us this July 2018, for our annual Stars & Stripes Party… Enjoy our traditional American BBQ, live band, pool party, and much, much more. Experience what real independence and freedom feel like, only at Temptation Cancun Resort. Let’s Play!

Weekend Highlights
July 4th
Daytime: BBQ w/Live Band, Pool Party, Bay Watch Challenge
Evening: Stars & Stripes Lingerie Party, 4th of July Fireworks

July 5th: Foam Party, Mr. Independence Contest

July 6th: Miss Liberty Contest

July 7th: Pool Party w/Rock Band

Spring is in full swing here at Temptation Cancun Resort as we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy the hottest weekend getaway of the season. This is the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle n’ bustle of everyday life and enjoy some fun in the sun at our adults-only, all-inclusive resort.

May 26th
Daytime: BBQ w/Live Band, Miss Temptation Contest
Evening: Glow Party
Dress Code: Sailors & Pin Ups

May 27th
Daytime: Pool Party w/DJ
Evening: Rock Stars of All Time

May 28th
Daytime: Mr. Temptation Competition
Evening: Foam Party

A bit of malarkey and lots of green beer, make no mistake, you’ll want to be here! A four-leaf clover will bring luck your way, especially if you join us on St. Patty’s Day! And who doesn’t like to get LUCKY? What are you waiting for, come on and get your Leprechaun on, at Temptation Cancun Resort?

Daytime: Green Foam Party, Go Crazy for the Green Lucky Charms Contest, Irish Beer Drinking Contest.
Evening: Leprechaun Party
Dress Code: Green Sexy Leprechauns

One of the most fascinating events of the year, Mardi Gras! Prepare to enjoy the hottest re-creation of the sexy Bourbon Street atmosphere! Be seduced by the rhythms of jazz & blues in an uninhibited adult wonderland, where there are no limits, just endless possibilities for non-stop fun in the sun! We will be scouting to see who will be this year’s worthy King & Queen of the Carnival. Who knows? It might be you!

Weekend Highlights

Sat. 17th: Kings of the Carnival Contest, Foam Party, Mardi Gras Glow Party
Sun. 18th: Daytime BBQ, Miss Temptation, Red Hot Rio Party
Mon. 19th: Pool Party w/ Guest DJ, Venice Carnival


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