Add vitality and a dash of extra spice to your lives as the Temptation Grand experience takes over The Tower! It’s time for some stimulating non-stop fun, where we have turned up the heat by adding a treat: for a full two weeks, this section of the resort will be couples only, with au naturel areas and a private playtime room.

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Exclusivo ambiente solo para parejas

Unique couples-only ambiance

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Áreas al natural

Au naturel areas

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Playtime room privado

Private playtime room

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Jacuzzi lounge al natural en Sky 3.5

Sky 3.5 au naturel jacuzzi lounge

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Bebidas premium

Premium beverages

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_VIP check-in & check-out

VIP check-in & check-out

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Exclusivo menú de servicio a la habitación

Exclusive room service menu

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Canal de televisión para adultos abierto

Free special TV channel

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Área de solarium VIP

Exclusive VIP sundeck area

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Free calls to USA & Canada

Free calls to USA & Canada

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Desayuno a la carta en Sea Flirt

Sea Flirt á la carte breakfast

TCR_Grand takeover_Iconos_90x90_Instalaciones de primer nivel

Superior accommodations



From September 29 to October 5, and December 8 to 14, 2024, the Temptation Grand couples-only concept will be taking over The Tower by Temptation rooms and the SKY 3.5 rooftop bar, allowing Tower guests to live the au naturel experience and more features exclusive to this event. 

The au naturel areas will be the playtime room, where couples will be able to live out new experiences in the company of other takeover guests, and the SKY 3.5 au naturel jacuzzi lounge.

The SKY 3.5 au naturel jacuzzi lounge will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., while the playtime room will be open from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Playroom etiquette: 

  • Only couples can enter the playtime room.
  • It’s OK to watch, but please refrain from staring for long periods of time. 
  • Be respectful of others at all times. 
  • Talking or laughing loudly, fighting, and drunk behavior are not permitted. 
  • Bring what you will need.

Yes, having intercourse is allowed on the beds surrounding the pool. Please refrain from having intercourse inside the pool. The SKY 3.5 au naturel jacuzzi lounge and the playtime room are the only spots where public intercourse is allowed, as it is not allowed in all other common areas of the resort.

Our entertainment program will keep taking place at the Sexy Pool and Bash; however, we will make sure to keep a stimulating atmosphere at SKY 3.5 and the playtime room.

No. Only guests with a room in The Tower can go enjoy those areas.

No, it is not allowed to be in the nude in any resort areas except for the jacuzzi lounge or the playtime room.

No. In order to respect guests’ privacy, it is strictly forbidden to take photos or video at the au naturel areas.

The minimum stay for our Temptation Grand takeovers is 3 nights. 

The Temptation Grand concept is focused on couples only; however, singles can stay at the other sections of the resort since the Temptation Grand takeover is limited to The Tower.

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