7 nights a week, 365 days a year, our sexy theme nights, each with a different theme, create a fun-filled atmosphere. You are invited to play and party, alongside our dream team of Playmakers, and amazing guests from all over the world, every evening throughout your stay. 

Each theme offers a dress code that helps create a pumping mood, motivating you to think out of the box and be different. Feel free, sexy, and uninhibited; our spicy fun is open-minded and unlimited!

See you at Bash

Wild Safari

Let your imagination run wild with a sexy style as you assemble an animal print safari look. For all you wild ones, creativity is the key. Welcome to the jungle baby, tonight’s guarantee: feeling free!

Dress code: Wild animals or safari hunters

Lingerie Masquerade

One thing is for sure, tonight’s response will be ooh la la! Trade your tidy whities in for some lacy lingerie. Think about this fan-favorite theme night as a sexy runway; kill Temptationers with confidence!

Dress code: Lingerie & mysterious mask (women) | elegant casual & mysterious mask (men)

Glitter & Glam

For this party you will need a pinch of glam and lots of spectacular glitter! Dazzle everyone with fabulous sparkles and join us for our wonderful night full of sexy and glamorous stars. You have what it takes; dare to shine!

Dress code: Glittering, glamorous outfits

Crazy Circus

Come one, come all to the sexiest theme night of all. Take your seats, tonight we are going to have a ball. If you’re ready to have some crazy fun while clowning around, it’s time to enjoy showtime on our sexy playground!

Dress code: Sexy & creative circus characters

Burning Land

Join the sexiest community in Cancun and express yourself with a radical look. The possibilities are endless; you decide how authentic you want to be. Tonight reflects everything that we are: sexy, fun and original!

Dress code: Customize your own creation

Graffiti Glow

Tonight’s playtime will be racy as Temptationers glow crazy! What appears in the darkness is sure to be bright. For those who were born to shine, it’s the perfect time. Break out your sexiest neon and white!
Dress code: neon body paint

Aloha Temptation

Temptationers, it’s time to tropic like it’s hot! It’s tiki time so bring your tribe, let’s have some drinks and some fun that only at Temptation you can find. So, rock that grass skirt or tropical shirt; after all, a sexy time had by all never hurts!

Dress code: Hawaiian/tropical attire

*Please note that our theme nights are subject to change without prior notice and may vary in accordance with special events. See our Special Events Calendar HERE

Wondering how to create a temptastic look for this bright night? Add lots and lots of fabulous glitter (the more the shinier), a dash of glamour, and a pinch of sexiness. You were born to sparkle; so, shimmer and shine while enjoying a dazzling time bringing your bling to the Bash scene.

Dress code: glittery, glamorous outfit

Join our sexy, fun body positive atmosphere and leave all insecurities behind. Ladies, doll yourselves up in lacy lingerie, while the men sport their favorite shirt accented with fancy suspenders, and together let’s enjoy a night to remember. Tonight, less is more!

Dress code: lingerie (women) | suspenders & shirt (men)

During our Crazy Circus, Bash transforms into a mesmerizing kingdom, where the crazy, sexy and fun come to play. It will be spectacular, spectacular. There are no other words to describe this theme and its atmosphere. The show has just begun!

Dress code: sexy & creative circus characters

For a bold, artistic experience without a trace, Bash is the place. Tonight’s metamorphosis will take you to embrace fun between the flames. Express yourself through a sexy, original look that creates a provocative intrigue so cool everyone will look.

Dress code: customize your own creation

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, we discovered a theme that invited guests to play. When we arrived at Bash, there was a space-tacular party of the sexiest kind that set the perfect scene for a galactic good time. We recommend that you prepare for blast off, because things are about to get hot!

Dress code: galactic outfits

Glow on and light up the sky, but make sure it's bright gnarly neon, the super eye-catching dress code for this night. The most incredible party in town is about to go down, come see why we are the world’s number one. Let’s glow!

Dress code: sexy neon

What happens when you add neon colors and tons of foam to the coolest pool in the world? It creates a true summer night highlight! Our Foamy Neon Night lights up the Caribbean skyline with the greatest entertainment of all time, give it a try!

Dress code: neon swimsuits

We’ve all heard the tale of a buried treasure within Bash. We have the map, let’s hope the path is not a trap. After being under siege, we’re ready to party like pirates. Once you’re sentenced to walk the plank, there’s no escape. Let’s play!

Dress code: sexy pirate attire

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