As the sun goes down and the day begins to fade, immerse yourself into the world of the unknown.  Thrive on the excitement as you discover the secret signature theme nights that we have prepared especially for you.


The Cast at Temptation Cancun Resort, will take you on a provocative journey of mind-blowing experiences full of sugar & spice and everything nice.  Little by little the vigorous and exciting atmosphere pushes the boundaries fulfilling your elevated expectations of an adults-only getaway.


*Please note that all Theme Nights are subject to change without prior notice and may vary in accordance to our special events.

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Kaboom, bam, pow it’s party time now! Grab your mask and grab your cape, fly on down to Bash tonight, it’s time to celebrate. Calling all sexy superheroes into action for the most important mission yet. Get ready to show off your sexiest superpowers set.

Dress Code: Your Favorite Superhero

Angels & Devils

Every angel has a past, and every devil a future. White or red, halo or horns, when you arrive at Bash tonight one thing we know for sure, Temptation Cancun Resort knows how to throw one hell of a par-ty!

Dress Code: Angels & Devils

Lingerie Lounge

Because life’s too short to wear ugly underwear, tonight is our fan-favorite lingerie affair. Whether racy in black or lacy and sweet, ladies, get out your lingerie and let’s knock the fellas off their feet!

Dress Code
Ladies: Sexy, classy lingerie for ladies
Gents: Silk or velvet robes for gents

School Girls & Nerds

So, you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different? Own it! Better to be a nerd than just one of the herd! Breaking the rules has never been so much fun! Tonight, the sexy schoolgirls take on the revenge of the nerds. Missing it would be social suicide, be there or be square.

Dress Code: Schoolgirls & Nerds


Togas are among everyone’s favorite theme parties. This aural and visual feast is so classy, not much remains to be done other than to have fun! However, not all toga parties are created equal; we’ll provide the excitement and you provide the sequel. It’s time to TOGA!

Dress Code: Sexy Togas

Let It Glow

One, two, three, glow! This night is sure to be bright, so dress to impress in neon or white. It’s playtime in our colorful kingdom, where everybody wants to shine. Ready? Let’s glow! The most incredible party in town is about to go down.

Dress Code: White & Neon Colors


If you have a thing for uniforms, now you can convert fantasy into reality with this freeing and empowering role play party, where you can be whatever makes you feel sexy. What do you want to be: a doctor, a sailor, or maybe a cop? It’s your call, being creative is key!

Dress Code: Doctors, Cops, Firefighters, etc.


Pink is not just a color it’s an attitude! Bring your favorite Temptation tribe and enjoy this theme night’s vibe, full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink might not be as innocent as you think!

Dress code: sugar pink


Back to school rules, and this class is guaranteed to be an unforgettable one. Don’t miss the bus, our party on the playground is a must! No homework! No teachers! Only fun and Temptation!

Dress code: schoolgirls & nerds


Tonight offers a different kind of dress up. It’s time to get out your mysterious mask, combine it with some lacy lingerie, and let’s play! At Temptation we promote body positive vibes, opening the opportunity for all guests to have an insane time.

Dress code
Women: lingerie & mask
Men: mask & elegant casual


Tonight’s outfitter glitter! We’re all stars, but at this Temptation party it’s all about showing off your sparkle. Glitter is a sexy theme night thriller. Get out there and shimmer!

Dress code: glittering, glamorous outfits


Burning Land is the metamorphosis of Bash into a temporary metropolis of radical self-expression with no trace. An evening full of artistic performances, fire, and fun, that will never be forgotten nor outdone. Tonight is a trendsetter, the wilder your outfit the better!

Dress code: customize your own creation


Visually spectacular, unlike anything you’ve experienced before, Graffiti Glow will leave you begging for more! Our wonderland of color, combined with sexy excitement, sets the scene, converting our guests into high-energy party machines.

Dress code: bright neon


Sound the alarm, things are heating up at Temptation! Join us as our Playmakers report to the rescue! Calling all units, bring your drink and meet us at BASH for a party so hot, it can’t be stopped!

Dress code: doctors, firefighters, police, etc.


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