As the sun goes down and the day begins to fade, immerse yourself into the world of the unknown.  Thrive on the excitement as you discover the secret signature theme nights that we have prepared especially for you.


The Cast at Temptation Cancun Resort, will take you on a provocative journey of mind-blowing experiences full of sugar & spice and everything nice.  Little by little the vigorous and exciting atmosphere pushes the boundaries fulfilling your elevated expectations of an adults-only getaway.


*Please note that all Theme Nights are subject to change without prior notice and may vary in accordance to our special events.

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Calling all sexy superheroes looking to live the ultimate superhero experience! Don your favorite super cape and fly on down to BASH to help us save the world! It’s time to bring out that sexy superhero you have locked inside.

Dress Code: Your Favorite Superhero

Angels & Devils

At Temptation, everyone has the ultimate choice to make. Picture yourself standing before the pearly gates… Which will you choose? To enter the clouds of heaven or pass through the gates of hell? Your choice of dress will tell…

Dress Code: Angels & Devils

Lingerie Lounge

Tonight, is the night to give everyone something to talk about. Adding lingerie to any party can transform any good party, into an extraordinary party. So, grab some scarlet red lipstick and lacy lingerie and get out there and strut your stuff while you mingle and meet new people.

Dress Code: Sexy, Classy Lingerie

School Girls & Nerds

Breaking the rules has never been so much fun! A night where everyone looks like they just walked out of the cafeteria of Mean Girls. Indulge in your high-school fantasies by becoming someone else for the night. Be sure and be creative, as the sexy school girls take on the revenge of the nerds.

Dress Code: School Girls & Nerds

Imperial White Night

Not all white parties are created equal. The true appeal of a white party isn’t the color of your clothes, white is an icon of trend, a blank canvas open to the creation of anything the mind can conceive. Be prepared for an aural & visual feast of Caribbean glam by the sea…

Dress Code: Trendy White

Let It Glow

Ready, set, glow! The night looks so bright. Create a sexy look using knarly neon, reflecting your inner glow, on the outside. Time to shake & shine, it’s playtime, let’s glow crazy!

Dress Code: White & Neon Colors

Boogie Night

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of history? Now is your chance! Grab your disco shoes and don your 70’s & 80’s best, as Boogie Nights lights up the dance floor. Get ready for a clash of the biggest musical decades with the ultimate retro party. Tonight, is simply about having fun, dressing up and dancing the night away. So, come on and get your groove on!

Dress Code: 70’s & 80’s Attire


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