Frequently Asked Questions

For your enjoyment, our pool, playroom, and Jacuzzi Lounge are au naturel areas, whereas the beach is topless optional. Additionally, our au naturel pool offers two concepts: half is dedicated to our daytime entertainment and the other half is a quiet place for those looking to rest and recover. These are exhilarating hotspots where you can relax, mix, and mingle with other like-minded couples.

Temptation Grand Miches Resort is committed to maintaining a unique couples-only atmosphere; for this reason, only couples are permitted in the playroom, as well as our Jacuzzi Lounge.

No. Sex is permitted only in the Jacuzzi Lounge and playroom, but it is prohibited in all other public areas.

No. Drinks are available even without food intake.

International premium alcoholic beverages, fine house wines, beer, and refreshments.

Due to the nature of our concept, taking photos and videos in public areas is prohibited; however, you may take photos or video in the privacy of your room.

Yes. All meals, snacks, buffets, and specialty restaurants are included.

Yes. However, service fees may apply.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi (the availability of coverage is inside rooms and enclosed public areas).

All Temptation Grand Miches Resort guests can access Temptation Miches Resort to experience the non-stop party atmosphere and its optional-topless areas on a complimentary basis. This complimentary access is subject to change without prior notice and to some restrictions.

  • Designer room decor, including state-of-the-art amenities
  • International, gourmet culinary experiences
  • Provocative adult-oriented entertainment
  • Playroom
  • Jacuzzi Lounge and pool (au naturel areas)
  • Signature theme nights and pool parties
  • Special performances
  • Headliner DJs and live music
  • Exciting signature experiences menu
  • Spectacular spa
  • Breathtaking unspoiled Caribbean beach

The resort cannot guarantee any specific room number or building however we will try to grant your request.

Smoking is permitted in open-air public areas.

Although the average age range of our guests is 30-45 years, the minimum age to stay with us is 21.

Straight couples that are looking to enjoy a sensual time with their partner and rekindle the passion in their relationships.


Temptation Cancun Resort Certified Partner Program

When booking through a third-party, be sure to look for the Original Group Certified Partner’s Badge. This badge is given to certified business partners that officially represent our company, inspiring confidence in the product you are purchasing.